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C++ Developer


  • Talking to end-users, business analysts and product owners around the globe (New York, London, Montreal etc.) to gather or clarify requirements SPG iFusion
  • Designing and implementing software components of different sizes
  • Defining test cases and implementing unit or behavioral tests
  • Participating in high level design discussions, design reviews and peer code reviews
  • Working with production support teams and users to resolve escalated cases


· Degrees: BsC or MsC in Computer Sciences or Information Technology

· IT skills (in details with required levels):

· Advanced fundamental technology skills

· A thorough knowledge of standard C++, including C++11 (4+Years)

· Understanding basic concepts of TCP/IP network handling in C/C++ (service-client, socket, etc.)

· Experience in multi-threaded environments

· Experience in software development methodologies

· Basic SQL knowledge

· Experience in any SCM system (CVS, SVN, TFS, Perforce or git)

· Experience in Unix/Linux as a user (i.e, ls, cat, etc.)