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Dutch Customer Response Executive


  • Provision of Level 1 support: Provision of information based on relevant product documentation, training materials and Quality System Documents (QSDs), FAQ data bases, SPC’s (Summary of Product Characteristics), package leaflets and material provided by the client
  • Assists in training of other client dedicated Customer Response Executives Comparison of available source data with data entered in database, consistency check and completeness of data given in the different database fields of the AE.
  • Receive inbound calls, e-mails or report forms from current and potential customers, e.g. veterinarians, pharmacists, animal owners’ etc.as well as client’s personnel concerning medical inquiries, medical complaints, adverse events, product technical complaints, product return/refund or compensation.
  • Place outbound follow-up calls when required
  • Answer questions about the product details, correct use of the product, authorized indication, expiry date, and provide medical information for the customers as provided for in the product documentation and training materials.
  • Prepare and send/provide standard responses to costumers following their medical complaints or product technical complaints
  • Assist customers with any issues with regard to the defined Bayer Animal Health products and document any adverse event reported.
  • Meet Quality Assurance Requirements and other key performance metrics

  • Execution of a high-quality, accurate and timely AE case documentation process and contribution to continuous improvement.

  • Operates the respective client Customer Relationship Management system in order to obtain animal, costumer and product information and perform other necessary functions on the system in accordance with policies and regulations.

  • Determination of the completeness of case reports as to veterinary medical content, clarification of inconsistent information and additional PV information from BAH affiliates and / or subcontractors within set timelines, as detailed in the BAH’s global SOPs.


  • Excellent interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills
  • Should be a confident person and be willing to take calls
  • Excellent listening skills and the ability to ask probing questions, understand concerns, and overcome objections
  • Strong work ethic and self-starter, able to effectively manage multiple priorities and adapt to change within a fast-paced business environment
  • Must possess a professional and friendly attitude and be able to quickly develop a rapport with customers over the phone.
  • Must possess and be able to demonstrate strong influencing and closing skills.
  • Advanced or native level of Dutch and advanced level of English.


Irina Ionescu +36 30 683 19 76

Mail to: ionescu.irina@tcs.com


Irina Ionescu +36 30 683 19 76

Mail to: ionescu.irina@tcs.com