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Life Science


At TCS in the Life Sciences and Health Care area we deal with pharmacovigilance and publishing activities for global pharmaceutical companies, TCS` customers. We serve patient safety with the core purpose to add value to our client’s products and safeguard the success of the business by focusing on protection of patients. We ensure that all relevant information concerning the safety of the client’s products is collected, evaluated and communicated. Our teams ensure timely and efficient reporting of adverse events and other information from pertinent to the safety profile of products towards regulatory authorities around the world as well it is essential that we comply with current regulations and guidelines. We are involved in publishing activities that is mostly connected to regulatory part of the pharmaceutical industry – but also makes sure that our customers` drugs can be used safely all over the word. Our team takes active and important parts in our clients’ everyday life and production – the business results show that they trust our knowledge and expertise.


Search for our job opportunities below and choose your own path!

  • Junior Publishing Specialist
    Introduction After minimum 12 months – depending on the speed of the development - after manager approval, Junior Publishing Specialist is promoted to Publishing Specialist, until that time Junior Publishing Specialist can only work under supervision by Publishing Specialist or Senior Publishing Specialist. (more…)
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  • Polish speaker Customer Response Executive
    Introduction We are looking for Polish speaking candidates who will work on animal healthcare service desk support. (more…)
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  • Drug Safety Scientist
    Function Quality review of cases according to User Manual, SOPs and relevant data entry instructions Check data entry accuracy, coding consistency and Case completeness Re-evaluation and assessment of case reports for seriousness, listed ness and causality of all serious and non-serious adverse events Review the narratives and check against the information from routine source documents Make corrections and updates as appropriate Providing timely feedback (& feedback form) to the associates based on the errors captured in mutually agreed QC checklist while reviewing & correcting the cases Initiate follow-up activities to obtain additional information and clarification, as appropriate Forward cases for…
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  • Drug Safety Associate
    Function Safety Mailbox management includes track of incoming SAE forms, tracking, Evaluation and follow-up communication as appropriate Manage incoming source document, perform validity assessment, duplicate check and register cases to safety application Accurate and timely data entry of serious and non-serious adverse events into patient safety application according to User Manual, SOPs and relevant data entry instructions Perform case assessment, medical coding and labelling based the product reference safety information. Creation of comprehensive case descriptions (narratives) in English language extracting relevant PV information from routine source documents Transmission to DSUs of emails of complete cases/docs not to be inserted in…
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  • Dutch Customer Response Executive
    Function Provision of Level 1 support: Provision of information based on relevant product documentation, training materials and Quality System Documents (QSDs), FAQ data bases, SPC’s (Summary of Product Characteristics), package leaflets and material provided by the clientAssists in training of other client dedicated Customer Response Executives Comparison of available source data with data entered in database, consistency check and completeness of data given in the different database fields of the AE.Receive inbound calls, e-mails or report forms from current and potential customers, e.g. veterinarians, pharmacists, animal owners’ etc.as well as client's personnel concerning medical inquiries, medical complaints, adverse events, product…
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  • Patient Safety Administrator
    Introduction You will enter reports of drug side-effects from post-marketed or clinical study source to the safety database, and resolve queries related to pharmacy activities and individual case reports. (more…)
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  • Case Evaluator
    Function - Evaluation of SAE cases following the L2 path (all serious, legal, interventional studies, pregnancies) in accordance with regulatory requirements for AE reporting.- Determination of seriousness, drug product association and global labeling status (expected vs. unexpected) in order to assign the appropriate case reporting status for global distribution of regulatory case reports.- Addition of PSUR comments to individual case safety reports to facilitate PSUR authoring.- Execution of a high-quality, accurate and timely SAE case evaluation process within a therapeutic area and contribution to continuous improvement of PV system and processes.- Confirmation of the accuracy of medical coding of all…
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  • Case Processor
    Introduction (more…)
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  • Medical Advisor
    Introduction We are looking for medical doctors who are interested to work in pharmacovigilance.Experiences professionals and fresh graduates are also welcome! (more…)
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