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Desktop Support Administrator trainee


TATA Consultancy Services (TCS), part of India’s prestigious Tata Group offers a wide range of IT services, outsourcing and business solutions. There are over 2500 employees at TCS Hungary with an ambitious growth plan for the coming years. Since established in 1968, TCS has become a global player with 145 offices in 46 countries with a unique network of centers operating worldwide.

The holder of this position is part of the internal Infrastructure Services team.


Area of responsibility 1: Software / hardware support

Provide local support to users in case there is a hardware or a software issue

Example software related issues / tasks:

– initial installation of the computer

– initial setup of the computer for the user (Lotus Notesmail client configuration, shared folder and printer mapping, configuring security applications etc.)

– support MS office applications

– support Lotus Notes mail client

– laptop encryption support (encryption, decryption, investigate encryption failures, etc.)

– address security related issues (virus infections, security alerts, etc.)

– OS patch follow-up (investigate failed Windows updates, force updates, etc.)

– reset AD passwords, unlock accounts

– grant / revoke logical access in Active Directory

– ensure the compliance of security applications (Anti Virus, etc.)

– work with Corporate teams in case of global rollouts

– support video conferences (help the user to join the conference)

Example hardware related issues / tasks:

– assembling / disassembling PCs and laptops

– replacing faulty accesories / computer parts

– moving computers from one building to another, within the building and within the project areas

– investigate printer related issues (paper jams, etc.)

– order and replace toners for printers

– arrange warranty repair with procurement team in case of a faulty asset

Area of responsibility 2: Asset registration in CMDB / GPS

Manage web-based internal Configuration Management Database (hardware and software inventory) and TCS global CMDB (GPS)

Do asset allocations, reallocations, serial number update in CMDB and in GPS

Add newly delivered assets to the CMDB based on the data sent by the Procurement team / available in GPS

Work with the Procurement team in case replacement / new orders are needed. Proactively comminucates the need of the IT infrastructure (from desktop side)



· Studies: ongoing university studies (preferably in IT)

· IT skills:

Hardware maintenance E1

Software maintenance E1

· experience in the execution of certain tasks:



Bálint Vágó


Bálint Vágó