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Working At TCS


We follow the motto of TCS Global regarding our employees and clients as well, when it comes to achieving success: Experiencing certainty with TCS means you can count on results, partnership and leadership.

True certainty of success comes from working with a partner you trust to provide the insight, support and expertise that will propel your business forward.

This is the motto that we follow regarding our employees and clients as well, when it comes to achieving success.

Experience certainty
Our Mission

TCS Hungary is an employer that gives you access to different worlds, cultures, tasks, business areas and people. It is a colorful place where you can experience various challenges that help you progress as a professional and human being. By working at TCS Hungary you can Taste the World, Choose your own path and Seize the day.

TCS Hungary is a truly multinational work environment, where you can meet and work together with people from all around the world, support clients in different countries and get to know other cultures.

Working with us is great opportunity to connect with people from different nations!

You do not have to travel world, you can get to know it in our company!

We recognize the aspiration of employees to grow in their careers.

Our employees are supported in planning their career objectives through guidance and trainings.

At TCS we identified the need of the employees to pro-actively step for their career progressions.

Our 8 professional areas, your choice of career

Here you can try yourself in various positions and become a multifunctional professional.

Our 8 professional areas

Internal rotation

Internal rotation

TCS supports its employees in their growth in the organization by vertical and lateral role changes. Through our internal rotation system we support them to find new, challenging opportunities inside the organization, meeting their aspirations and matching business requirements. TCS encourages its employees to Choose Their Own Path. In special business circumstances employees are given the opportunity to go on deputations abroad.

Our employees can experience working for two companies at the same time (TCS and the client) and the diversity of the 10 different industries where our 60 prestigious clients are coming from.


Talent development

The Talent Development is the spinal cord of the company. Developing strengths and potentials of our employees is the core value of TCS Hungary.


Directs employees to identify the trainings that help them to perform better at their role.


The schedule of the offered trainings.


Organized regularly to support the employees to learn and practice languages.


Help experts become trainers in their field.

BOOKS 24*7
BOOKS 24*7:

The online library of TCS, with a huge variety of interesting readings.


A mix of learning tools, including eLearning, customized programs, seminars with certificate opportunities.

Talent Management


TCS is a performance driven organization. As part of the yearly performance cycle all the employees know what is expected from them and how they have performed their tasks. Through discussions with their direct supervisors, documented in the Performance Management System, all the employees are provided with feedback on their performance. Their future aspirations are also discussed.


At TCS the compensation and rewarding depends on performance. The cafeteria package of TCS Hungary is not only a market leader one, but also provides flexibility to its employees to always make their benefit choices based on their individual preferences that meet their life situations.


TCS honors excellent performance with a number of rewards: Star of the Quarter, Best Team, Employee of the Year, Long Service Awards, etc.


TCS Hungary strives to create maximum and equal opportunities for all of its employees to perform, grow and to enable them to choose their own path.

We emphasize the work-life balance of our employees, by engaging them and their families in various initiatives in the internal and external community.

“In a free enterprise, the community is not just another stakeholder in business, but is in fact, the very purpose of its existence.”

Jamsetji Tata, Founder – TATA Group

TCS Maitree

These events aim to strengthen the bond between our employees. You are part of the TCS community, You are never away from life. Maitree originally means ‘friendship’ in Indian languages.

We strengthen the academic community around the world. Through AIP activities we bridge the gap between campus and corporate.

Fit 4 Life

We believe in the fitness and well-being of all TCSers. Fit4Life opportunities are designed to inspire towards fitness and at the same time create an environment where participation is also fun. You are a Champ and You can do it!

We are committed to ensure health, safety and overall well-being of TCS stakeholders through shared responsibility.

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

The core areas of TCS’s CSR programs are education, health and environment. Impact through Empowerment. We strengthen the future day!